How we work

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On Demand Model

For clients who need marketing, graphic design, web development or digital capabilities outside of their own organisation’s knowledge and skill sets, MOO has the capability to meet any need or budget. We’ll tailor our services to deliver results where you need them most.

MOO scopes each ad hoc project according to your specific commercial and/or campaign requirements to provide you with an accurate quote based on the time needed to meet the brief.

We can help you with:

Marketing and strategy

Graphic design and animation

Websites and SEO

Retained Services Model

MOO works with a number of organisations who require design and marketing support to satisfy a range of strategic and tactical requirements. Under a retained service model, all marketing and design services are available for an agreed monthly fee.

This model provides an enhanced understanding from both parties which results in increased productivity and more effective communication. Clients using this model view MOO as an extension of their business.

We work closely with our clients to understand their business and facilitate seamless delivery of our services. Our retained services solution is flexible by nature and the application of resources can increase or decrease as required.

How it works

Retained clients are priority clients. Put simply, your work comes first, and we deploy our resources accordingly.

The model is flexible. The marketing services we provide can be accessed in any mix required to get the job done, understanding that this mix changes constantly with changing marketing requirements.

All IP developed in servicing your account, is yours. All developed IP (designs, working files etc) can be backed up and transferred at no additional cost.

A retained service reduces the administrative burden, with a single monthly invoice. We spend more time on marketing solutions and less on producing and processing paperwork.

The greater time you commit to engaging our marketing, graphic design, motion graphics, website design and digital marketing expertise, the lower the effective hourly rate charged.
Costs outside of retained services include third party costs such as web hosting, stock images, video and still photography, or printing and production. No third party costs are incurred without approval.

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