Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy

Competitive advantage. Target markets. Channels. Implementation.


For over 20 years MOO has worked with clients to help them understand and define their value proposition, competitive advantage, capability, demand drivers, target markets and buyer behaviours. We are qualified and seasoned marketing professionals that work over a broad range of industries including health, education, manufacturing, retail, finance, mining, travel and tourism, business services and professional services. This gives you unrivaled diversity. We’ll get you on the right track to sustained growth.


MOO Marketing work with clients that either already have marketing plans, or a few ideas or need to start from scratch. We can guide you through a structured process to validate what you have, suggest improvements or build a new plan entirely.

What makes us successful is our unwavering focus on your target markets, how you can build competitive advantage and the best ways to position your brand and deliver a message that has a positive impact on desirable customers.


From a marketing standpoint even a bad plan implemented well will outperform a good plan implemented poorly.

MOO Marketing are experienced specialists in the successful implementation of overall marketing strategy, projects, individual campaigns and tasks. Rather than farm work out to other people, we have the internal specialist resources and skill set to meet the vast majority of marketing requirements in house. We control the quality, the message and the timing and that leads to successful delivery.

Internal & External Communication

Different stakeholders, internal and external need the right communication at the right time, specifically written for them and delivered on the best platform.

MOO Marketing have expertise in copywriting and crafting messages for all stakeholder groups. In addition, we’re highly experienced with numerous delivery platforms including WordPress, Magento, Eloqua (Oracle), Claromentis, Futuremail and MailChimp.