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The battle for attention is ferocious. Knowing your customer is key. How they search, scroll or swipe; what they like and dislike. Seconds count and timing matters. That’s why our clients rely on us for design led digital marketing services that helps them stand out from the herd.

From search engine optimisation (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) to social media advertising and electronic direct mail (eDMs) – MOO combines high quality content with captivating design that drive click through rates and exceed KPIs, no matter what the channel.

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Our Digital Marketing Agency in Melbourne can help with:

Search Engine Optimisation

This should translate to increased enquiries from your target market, more business and more profit. This is the primary purpose of SEO. Unlike Google Ads campaigns, SEO is an ongoing, long-game process requiring a raft of activities all designed to increase your websites ranking for particular Google search terms (keywords). The number of keywords and geographic locations you want your website to rank for, the more involved and expanded the SEO campaign becomes. The positive aspect of this is you can target a group or groups of keywords from the outset and scale the campaign over time. It is important to note that it can take a number of months to begin to rank depending on the competition in your market(s).

Search Engine Marketing

SEM or pay-per-click (PPC) encompasses paid advertising on the various search engines as well as social media platforms. Google Ads is the main SEM channel and the primary consideration for most businesses. Google Ads can be effectively supported by social media advertising depending on the audiences you are targeting. A significant difference between SEM and SEO is you don’t need to wait to rank. Whereas an SEO program can take a number of months of activity to generate good ranking for selected keywords, Google Ads can appear immediately. As with SEO, Google Ads is scalable.

Keywords and search volumes are researched and selected. Research into competitor activity is also undertaken. Appropriate landing pages with strong ‘calls to action’ are developed, a Google Ads account is established, ads are written, budgets are set and the whole campaign requires ongoing management and reporting. Retargeting (or remarketing) can be added to Google Ads campaigns which is a program that presents ads on various other sites that users visit if they have clicked on one of the main Google Ads.

Social Media Marketing

Like Google, Facebook is one of the major social media platforms and a primary channel for most businesses, with Instagram, Threads, YouTube, LinkedIn and – more recently – TikTok becoming more and more prominent depending upon the brand and their target audiences. A significant difference between SEM/SEO and social media advertising is the alignment and targeting of groups with like-minded backgrounds, interests and socio-economic profiles. Similarly, social media advertising can boost ‘organic’ business posts and grow followers.

As with SEO/SEM, social media advertising is scalable. Research is undertaken and profiles matched by geographical region. Landing pages with target market relevant ‘calls to action’ are developed. Daily budgets and CTR targets are established and agreed, together with initial visual and content creative. Campaign tracking, analysis and reporting is ongoing – with adjustments to visual and content creative undertaken as required. Retargeting can also be added to social media campaigns.

Email Marketing

One of the most efficient and effective digital marketing channels is email – or eDMs. Real world experience tells us (and our clients) that emails are just as successful as SEO, SEM and Social Media Advertising. Best practice digital marketing reveals that an integrated approach will deliver optimal results, versus choosing one channel in isolation of others.

There’s a lot of emails out there though! How do you get your email to attract attention – to be opened, read and then actioned, as opposed to being deleted or prompting the recipient to unsubscribe?

At MOO Digital Marketing Agency Melbourne we believe it’s a combination of a well written title, easy to read content, effective design and easily identifiable and clickable calls to action. And this combination is likely to be different for different target customer groups.

We can also design and develop templates for you to populate and manage your own campaigns. We’re experienced with most email software programs, from enterprise level programs such as Eloqua by Oracle to universal programs like MailChimp.

Modern office reception area with Medhealth corporate logo on the wall, designed by MOO Marketing  Design marketing agency in Melbourne
3 adults getting green slime poured on them while wearing National Science Quiz PPE designed by MOO Marketing & Design marketing agency in Melbourne
National Science Quiz
Elgas flyer with QR code, designed by MOO Marketing & Design marketing agency in Melbourne
Dahlsens brand collateral samples including paper bags, napkins, water bottles, and tablecloth, designed by MOO Marketing & Design brand strategy agency in Melbourne
Cans of soft drink with Visy branded labels, designed by MOO Marketing & Design marketing agency in Melbourne
Access Psych logo and branding, developed by MOO Marketing & Design marketing agency in Melbourne
Access Psych

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