Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Attract targeted customer groups. Connect with and control traffic.

Website Design and Development

As part of the journey to be the brand of choice, not just another brand, an effective digital marketing strategy is paramount. MOO Digital Marketing Agency Melbourne is a full service digital marketing agency.

In most instances the centrepiece of your digital marketing strategy is your website. It simply has to be done right. MOO Digital Marketing Agency Melbourne designs and develops a wide variety of websites that dovetail into your marketing and business growth strategies.

From basic templated websites to highly customised, advanced functionality websites or individual landing pages for specific campaigns and projects we’ve got you covered. On time and on budget.

Content and content management of your website or landing page are crucial to attracting, retaining and controlling visitor traffic. Through the use of expert copywriting and exceptional visual communication skills, MOO can highlight and deliver key messages to specific target markets in a way that demonstrates clear value and benefit.

All MOO designed and developed websites flow logically and the information targeted visitors are looking for is easy to locate and laid out effectively.
We use WordPress as our preferred content management system (CMS), the world’s largest. You can read more about why we use WordPress CMS here. All websites and landing pages are built with optimized code so your site needs less memory and runs fast. They’re also SEO friendly.

Our website design and development service includes consultation, frame layout and ‘look and feel’, site map development, template development, image consultation and selection, copywriting and content population, security measures and back up services. The MOO website is a great example of a WordPress website and you can get a good idea of extended functionality in a WordPress website here.

In addition, we train you in WordPress so you can continue to make edits and additions to your website, a key element for your website to retain currency and relevance.

Email Marketing (eDM)

One of the most cost effective channels to deliver specific messages to target customer and audience groups is via email. Published studies continue to suggest that emails are far more successful at acquiring new clients than social media. There’s little doubt that in terms of sales conversion, emails outshine social media. In truth an integrated approach should be considered rather than viewing it as a choice between email marketing and social media marketing.

There’s a lot of emails out there though!

How do you become part of the success by getting your email to break through the noise, get opened, read and actioned rather deleted or worse still, having recipients unsubscribe from your list?

At MOO Digital Marketing Agency Melbourne we believe it’s a combination of a well written title, easy to read content, effective design and easily identifiable and clickable calls to action. And this combination is likely to be different for different target customer groups.

Our digital marketing eDM services include assisting with segmenting your database and isolating messages that are important for those segments, copywriting, development of calls to action, template design and coding, image selection, graphic design, testing across different email clients, campaign management and report analysis.

We can also design and develop templates for you to populate and manage your own campaigns.

We’re experienced with most email software programs from enterprise level programs such as Eloqua by Oracle to basic programs like MailChimp.

Social Media

It’s an urban myth that you need to build likes on Facebook.

For certain products and services in specific markets, social media can be a relevant and useful digital marketing channel to deliver messages, generate leads and build market share. It is not for everyone though.

Social media encompasses a variety of sites each of which functions differently and is accessed by different groups in different ways. It can be seriously detrimental to your business goals to simply add clutter to conversations or potentially open yourself up to public criticism without a clear strategy and objective.

In the first instance, MOO Digital Marketing Agency Melbourne can consult with you around social media options and provide an honest and informed recommendation on whether social media is right for you.

MOO can also assist with social media strategy, planning, content and copy. The ongoing management of social media campaigns can be time consuming and resource heavy. Depending on the resources you have available, MOO will factor this into any strategy development.

In summary we can design a manageable campaign with clear goals and well defined messages. Importantly, outcomes will be measurable allowing adjustment as required.