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Good-quality smartphone cameras and ubiquitous social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and Facebook have done lots to democratise corporate video marketing and communications — for better and worse.

Businesses who buy too hard into the hype of DIY video marketing run the risk of overlooking the bottom-line benefits  many brands yield from professional-quality video production.

Businesses who want high-performing professional video marketing content have their work cut out however.

Even if they have the budget covered for production and professional-grade equipment, they still need it in the hands of proven video production professionals.  In fact, businesses who plan to produce professional video marketing need to answer a long list of questions. For example, how long should the video be? What’s the key message? What’s the best way to deliver this message to the intended audience?

These are just some of the considerations brands need to consider when it comes to video marketing.

Why is video marketing important?

If a picture says a thousand words, then a video says a million. Marketing video production is a powerful tool to cut through an increasingly crowded marketplace.

“Meet the team” videos. Product overviews. How-to guides. Social media video marketing. Video ads. Sizzle reels to show off your brand. This is an area of marketing that’s rapidly growing, with little sign of slowing down. And it isn’t hard to see why – video is:

  • More engaging
  • Attention-grabbing
  • Better for retention
  • Dynamic

When properly leveraged as part of your digital marketing strategy, video can dramatically increase brand awareness, audience retention, and trust.

… data indicates the number of businesses using video as a marketing tool has jumped from about 65% in 2017 to 87% in 2019 (Wyzowl).

Most importantly, it’s an area where your brand can’t afford to fall behind. Marketing is the key to protecting brands in times of economic downturn, and the power of video is something brands can’t afford to ignore.

MOO Marketing & Design case study: atWork Australia

The brief: meet the client

MOO Marketing and Graphic Design, a digital and video marketing agency in Melbourne, recently completed a video project for Disability Employment Services (DES) provider atWork Australia. The project is a showcase of how organisations can fulfil marketing and communications goals with a high-quality video production arm in their corner.

MOO was tasked with creating a series of success-story videos that were published on the atWork Australia website to promote the positive employment outcomes DES job seekers have achieved through the support of atWork Australia. atWork Australia, a regular MOO client, has been helping people with disability, mental health conditions, illness and injury to find lasting employment for more than 15 years.

How our corporate video production services helped

At MOO, we delivers creative photos and videos for marketing campaigns, services jobs like these by supplying a creative team that uses professional-grade equipment and provides art direction, editing and post-production.

MOO’s overall service to atWork Australia involved pre-location planning, storyboard development, interviews, on-location filming and additional location shoots, editing and graphics to create a brand film.

The videos, currently on the website, are a powerful way for atWork Australia to inspire more Disability Employment Services job seekers and employers to start their road to securing lasting employment.

Services utilised in the atWork Australia success-story videos project:

  • Digital marketing strategy
  • Pre-location planning
  • Storyboard development
  • Interviews and on-location filming
  • Copywriting
  • Editing and graphics

A video marketing agency is your best friend: 6 reasons why marketing video production is best left to the professionals

1) Corporate video production takes time

Time is money, as they say. As with many creative projects, marketing video production can be a time-consuming process. Have you properly accounted for scripting time? What about filming itself? Or the editing process? Each of these steps can be surprisingly time-consuming. This is especially true if your team doesn’t have experience with marketing video production.

A corporate video production service takes all of these steps off your hands – your direct involvement can be reduced to providing feedback and making revisions. Most importantly, handing it off to a specialist agency allows your team to focus their efforts on mission-critical tasks.

2) You need high-quality supplemental material

The footage you shoot may be the meat and potatoes of your video marketing content. However, it isn’t all of it. Have you thought about music and sound effects? What about supplementary images or stock footage? Are you able to product custom motion graphics in-house as well?

A video marketing agency will have access to libraries of supplementary images, video footage, and audio to enhance your marketing videos. They’ll also have an in-house motion graphics designer to create overlays, titlecards, and transitions.

These additional elements bring extra visual flair. Moreover, they can help your marketing videos reflect your brand and its unique style. As such, they’re crucial for maximising resonance with your target audience.

3) Cohesive brand identity and style

As part of your brand’s visual communications, it’s important that any video you create fits with your brand’s established style and aesthetic. It must be cohesive with your graphic design, website, print materials, and more to maximise brand impact, resonance, and cut-through.

If your marketing agency offers corporate video production services, consider handing it off to them instead of doing it in-house.

This way, all elements of your organisation or business’ branding will be under one roof and managed by one team. This ensures maximum brand cohesion. Your videos will have better synergy with thumbnails, social media tiles, copy, and more. Which in turn strengthens your brand and helps you stand out from the herd.

4) Shooting video is easy – creating brand-appropriate marketing video isn’t

Marketing video production isn’t like filming a family get-together. Customers expect high-quality footage, good lighting, and good sound. And brands are expected to deliver. That additional outlays like quality cameras, lighting equipment, microphones, and more.

There are also many small variables that can give the game away. For example, creating custom motion graphics is a separate skillset from filming and editing video, and it’s one that’s essential if you want your marketing videos to reflect your brand’s established style.

Quality output depends on quality inputs, and the best way to ensure that is to entrust your video to a video marketing service.

This is general advice, and the best course of action will depend on the brand. For brands hoping to convey a more personable and relatable personality, something shot on a smartphone can convey authenticity and actually bolster the brand. Click here to learn more about authenticity in marketing.

5) Video marketing trends move fast

As with any type of marketing, video marketing production is not immune from trends. For example, consumers are increasingly preferring phones over desktop computers, with mobile accounting for a little over 60% of all Australian internet usage. This has resulted in a shift towards mobile-first web design and digital marketing services across the board.

With regards to video specifically, that means shorter runtimes, bigger graphics and text for small screens, increased emphasis on well-designed thumbnails, and more.

Engaging a dedicated video marketing agency like MOO ensures your brand’s videos keep up with these trends. We’ll also help you make the right calls about which trends your brand needs to be following, as well as which ones may end up hurting your brand in the long run.  

6) Professional videos help you stand out from the crowd

UK-based explainer video company Wyzowl has released its 2024 research that finds video marketing usage is rising rapidly. Its data indicates 69% of marketers use video advertising, with 85% of them hoping to expand their spend.

This means video marketing content needs to be next-level to cut through the noise however.

A professional video production team such as the one MOO provides can help businesses amplify their marketing volume and communications needs with a full or customised video marketing service.

What’s your video marketing strategy?

Whatever it is, our video marketing agency in Melbourne can help

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Whether you’re looking for video marketing services or an brand-new marketing strategy for your business, our team is ready to help.

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