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Welcome to MOO Marketing Agency Melbourne.
Use a little or use a lot. Your complete marketing department.

MOO Marketing Agency Melbourne offers a comprehensive range of print and digital marketing services. Services cover strategy development through to implementation across digital and print marketing channels. Our team has the experience and know-how to get your messages through to your target customers. These are real world marketing and design solutions that deliver results.

Use a little or use a lot. You can use all our marketing agency services or just the ones you need to supplement your own marketing department.

Marketing Strategy

Development, implementation and control. Who are your target markets? How do I reach them? What motivates them to engage?

Digital Marketing

Website design and development, content management, landing pages, email marketing, social media and intranet. Target your message and control your online audiences.

Graphic Design

Brand, logo and style guide development. Creative graphic design for all print, digital and other media that compliments your key messages.


Professional, well crafted copy that ensures your message gets through. Copywriting for websites, flyers, brochures and all your marketing campaign messaging.

Print Management

Cost effective and timely digital, offset, large format and specialist printing all managed by MOO. Get the printed result you’re looking for every time.

Photography & Videography

Creative photos and videos for your marketing campaigns including art direction, editing and post production using professional grade equipment.

Various business cards MOO has designed and printed
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marketing agency melbourne graphic design agency
Example of MOO photography shown on smartphone

MOO Marketing Agency Melbourne – Why You and Why Us

MOO is a multidiscipline Marketing agency in Melbourne providing marketing services to businesses throughout Australia. We are different things to different customers. To some we are a digital agency, to others we are a creative brand design agency or graphic design agency. To all our customers we are experienced, qualified and trusted marketing experts.

One of the core reasons that separates MOO from other marketing agencies is we understand the difference between effective marketing strategy versus implementation of various marketing tactics. Furthermore, we understand that successful marketing strategy, plans and projects are built around our customers’ competitive advantage within their respective markets.

Marketing is a noisy space. There has been a proliferation of marketing channels in recent years, particularly in the digital marketing space. Defining and planning your approach to the marketplace is crucial to business success. Your tactics – how to manage, engage and interact and with various market segments and target customers is also a key to success.

Pressures and expectations on internal marketing departments and marketing managers are increasing. Marketing is dynamic and requires diverse skill sets and knowledge. Competition is increasing, internal resources are often scarce and results are demanded. This has seen a growing trend for successful companies to outsource aspects of their marketing to external agencies like MOO Marketing and Design.

MOO – Getting your marketing back on track

As a marketing agency that’s been operating for over 20 years, we’ve been able to help a range of business owners, in house marketing functions, managers and personnel get their marketing back on track.

There’s a host of reasons why marketing developed and delivered entirely in house by business owners and internal resources can go wrong. Here’s just a few:

  • Marketing responsibilities are spread amongst a variety of line managers whose primary responsibility is not marketing
  • Lack of specialist marketing skill sets and knowledge
  • Lack of funding or budget for hiring internal marketing staff to plug the knowledge gap
  • A myopic approach to marketing; a we’ve always done it this way or if we build it they will come approach
  • Continually chasing the competition with ‘me too’ tactics.
  • Failure to exploit differentiation and competitive advantage
  • Confusing target customers with poorly crafted messages and content
  • Poor planning and coordination
Marketing Agency Melbourne Back on Track

The benefits of engaging MOO

With MOO Marketing Agency you can use a little or use a lot. You’ll also realise the following benefits:

  • Cost saving – You gain access to a team of experts in all facets of marketing, digital marketing and graphic design for way less than if you were to employ them yourself.
  • Productivity gains – You only pay for productive time. There are no costs for training, leave or any other direct employee benefits.
  • Flexibility – With MOO you can scale your service up and down depending on marketing plans and projects.
  • Broad Skill Set – With MOO, you get the combined skill set of a Marketing Manager, Marketing Coordinator, Graphic Designer, Copywriter, Website Designer, Website Developer, Digital Marketer, Social Media Marketer and more!
  • Cross Fertilisation – MOO has customers in virtually all industries, all with different target markets, marketing plans and channels. All that experience with different markets is available to you.
  • Latest Initiatives – It’s our job to research and be aware of the latest trends and techniques in marketing.

All of these benefits are available to you. If you’re thinking of engaging a Marketing, Digital, Graphic Design, Brand or Creative agency, contact MOO. We’d love to hear from you.

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MOO Marketing Agency Melbourne – For all your marketing, digital and graphic design requirements.